Friday, October 2, 2009

I Miss My Deary Daddy

i miss my dad,
right now, i m talking wit my fren bout him...
i realise that he is all that i have.

i miss my dad
absolutely because of his calm and cherish face
i miss to see him
to look at his his smile
and the way he walks
and do things

i miss all the thing bout him..
i miss my dad
i love him damn much
i wanna see him right now
i want to stare into his glaze
i do really miss him

my heart keeps telling me to call him
to ask about him
"how are u"
"wat s up now?"
"how are u going?"
and listen to the consulting voice

i should neva make him sad
i should owez make him smile
i must create happiness in himself
i want to make he becomes like wat the way he is

i owez realise
that he is the person
i love the most

i wanna meet him
wanna listen to him
coz i neva stop loving him
as the best father i eva have...

i miss u daddy
i love u damn much


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