Thursday, April 22, 2010

its the end

i use fb coz i think:

i could voice out my feelings
i could ask others opinion
i could find new friends
i could bring harmony to others life
i could experience the world
i could pour my sadness
i could share my happiness
i could be happier
i could be myself
it turns like
there s no more freedom for me
as if there so much weaknesses in me
the world is upside down
i create chaos
i made people uneasy
i tend to be harsh
my feeling is meaningless
my time is out

i wanna stop....
coz i wanna be
i wanna the one that i desire most
and be the one who would neva feel guilty to others....
i m still searching...
i allow myself making mistakes
and i'd repent
yet, somewhere out there
a lost
and i cannot afford to notice it
to friends who follow my blogs
thanks so much
wish u would understand
and we are still friends
and anything...
please inform me
through my email
or my skype
or wateva contacts u have

love u all who understand the meaning of understanding witout throwing any wet blankets
pity me,
i m heavily wet
dun made me flood


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