Wednesday, April 28, 2010

when i was a school student

when i was in school
i have lots of friends
they are my best friends
all of them... not miss out any one of em
five years have gone so fast
now i miss my school time
my friends, all of them
they used to tease me
but it s ok
coz i enjoyed having them
time passes, and i miss them...
i m nothing like anybody
i m silence but talkative
i m shy but daring
it s all because of my friends
i miss them damn much
i would neva forget
how i used to enjoy my lifetime
it s all in school
and now i miss it
my friends are everywhere right now...
in egypt, indonesia and australia
soon, it s my turn to fly off malaysia
and leave my school so far away
but, how i could put this into words
that my school is such a memorable place
the more i look at the pictures
the clearer the view i visualise
yes, i agree with them
i hate rules, i hate regulation
but that makes so much things in my life
even until now, i could remember their FULL names
i dun wanna cheat,
not all of them, but of coz most of you friends....
i dedicate this short notes
to all my 0307 SMSD friends
just would to make a notice
of how my heart really want to feel the circumstances again
of schooling with u all......


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