Saturday, August 14, 2010

the meaning of friendship

i hardly understand the real meaning of friendship. coz i neva find one that owez keep going until now... wat i could see is a pattern from my previous experience....

the repell me, when they found someone better than me.... everybody is doing that, showing my imperfection....

i really cannot blame them , cause everybody is doing the same, and i guess the cause is from me myself.

one thing i noe is, i m still finding a friend, that would owez there for me, who would be there when i cry, and to laugh together, a friend that i could share my greatest smile, where dun need to pretend, and cover my feeling.

the person who wants to listen to my view, and take it into account.... the understanding person, that feel comfortable walking with me, and see me all the time...

yes!! i have lots of friends...but they no longer my best friends... i need them, but i still can survive without them..

FRIENDS... i couldnt find the meaning yet.. one thing i noe clearly is, people learn through experience, and i learn less without experiencing such great friends.

i m not begging for attention, i hardly find a person who could listen to me, and accept my feelings... that's all


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