Tuesday, September 28, 2010

best friends owez make u feel great

but, wat if u dun have any.... like stray cat, u walk alone, eat alone, sleep alone, talk alone, where alone means u in ur life....

and loneliness is nothing to u, coz u have oredy get use to it....when u feel safe walking, eating, sleeping and even talking witout friends...where u can hear a beautiful music in an absolute silent which means noise is a silent!!

event talking to a cat, as if it could understand u make u feel happier than talking to a person who looks entertain but not actually listen... and when u see crowd, u saw a loneliness... that u r so afraid of it, as if u saw a threat coming attacking u~
when u snap pictures of ur not-so-photogenic figures as if u feel awkkward to present in others photos.... u feel safe when nobody around u, even though u r walking along a dark street......

then, u think u should be alone... and let loneliness be ur best friends, coz there s no human whi fit to be such friends......

yet, i dun feel lonely, but i felt like a loner when i am with my friends~


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