Sunday, September 26, 2010

is it all about feelings???

friendship can neva makes me happy.... i have lost too many friends in my entire life. people said they are good. they even define the meaning of friendship, but they hardly implement it...

i am truly lost my ways, when i need them i was ignored but when they are in need, it s me they are looking for... i dun really bother if they werent there when i was helpless, but later i find out the game of PLAYING a person's feeling... and my heart was really broken.

u noe, sometimes i feel like i am a very mean person...
but those heartless creatures out there owez make me feel better..
i.... am actually a failure in riding a boat of friendship coz i neva catch any BEST friends in my life. i wish i have the strength

i wish i didnt do such stupid act when i had a very best friend before. she was so rich that make me feel inferior of her eventhough she treated me nicely.. when i walked with her, eat with her, sit with her, she really care less about her financial. she spent on me a lot.

unfortunately, there was a beautiful heartless girl. she just used my best friend to cover her heart ache and since i was too naive at the very moment, i gave her chances that kept distance between me and my best friend. i thought they were ok together coz they are both from rich family, but i am totally wrong. this mean girl had a very bad influence on HER. she become notorious and far from me...

i wish i didnt left her that time, so she would know she means a lot to me.. and now, i have lost her forever. my searching for at least a new best friend has neva succeeded. i believe i dun have the strength anymore.......

i hope she will read this, coz i really miss her a lot. i m sory for leaving her alone that time. i felt regretful. but this really teach me a lesson..



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