Monday, September 27, 2010

~my step mom~

it was 11pm of the second night of Hari Raya. Everybody was busy doing respective work since tomorrow we would be having open house. I was sitting between my two elder sisters peeling the potatoes. i could see my brothers were sitting on the stairs watching at us. My mom (i mean my step mother) was sitting right in front of me. we were sitting around a basin of peeled potatoes. suddenly they came out with the origin of our family.

bro: mom, u have children almost once in two years

sis 1: yeah, until i hardly remember everybody's birthday

sis 2: why cant u remember? i do.

bro: lol, just easy.

then, they were counting everybody in the house and remembered their birthday. i thought they were not mentioning my name, coz obviously i m not her biological mother.

to my surprise, she recalled my name, though she couldnt remember my birthday, that's ok

i felt appreciated and i started to realise, that there's no such word of STEP MOM!!!
now, i begin to love her, and miss her and when i hug her, i just wish i could do it longer..... as if she is truly my mother.

p/s: those who still have chances living with ur mom who have u in her womb, u need to noe tha u r so lucky... so, neva let her down, coz even my mom, who didnt deliver me and knew that i m perfectly the daughter of the co-wife, yet he still loves me... and it grows bigger...

i believe i am the luckiest person in the world and she is never a step mom to u with all my heart~


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