Tuesday, September 28, 2010

this is ridiculous

it was a very fortunate Tuesday. i woke up early in the morning, went to class but no lecturer. Luckily i brought my silks wit hope to get another customer... i am very lucky, Miss Prema (my lecturer) bought a very beautiful silk that makes her my customer :)

my lucky day continued.the whole morning, perfectly no class... walking under the cloudy sky, i mean it was no so hot, but i m luckier, when someone fetch me wit
h her car....i reached my room earlier and easier....

then, i went for lunch, another lucky day for me. i packed some rice with chicken curry and a lil mustard. i only have to pay 3 ringgit (normally it s rm4) though there were so many people.. thanks to cafe auntie :))

my journey hasnt stop there... i need to take the ordered items from Larkin Perdana (coz i m selling Satinni things) yet i dun have enough money. but i kept walking and walkin with faith.. suddenly i got a call, saying "i have bank in ur money" from my brother.....

it s great u noe.. then i continue walking... i ve got price cut, makes my budget lower... wat a lucky day...

and, thank god, it was my luckiest day eva, though it sounds nothing :))


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