Monday, October 4, 2010

i ate poison!!!!

it was 4 am in the morning and my stomach started aching,i vomitted almost once in a five minutes... i hate this, my head keep spinning and i felt so bad... i wanted to cry, but i dun think i have any remain water in my body... i guess it was the effect of the poison, but which poison, i m not sure....

it is freaky hurt, and i hate it....gosh!! i tried to stand the pain, yet it only could come until 6.00 am.

luckily i got a kind rumate, i tried to reach whom i think my best friends but i cant, then she helped..

in the hospital, emergency room, i have warded for almost two hours.... they put water into my blood vessel....

i neva experienced such pain in my life... this is the second day, and still the pain is there.. i believe this is a lesson for... now,i need to be more carreful so that i wont eat poison anymore...


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