Thursday, October 14, 2010

i m soooooooooooooo tired

the whole week full of classes.from morning to evening. tomorow oso would be the same. thank god theres no class at night...

what i feel right now is restless. eventhough i have taken nap for almost three hours, it just make me feel more tired. wat's worse , i dun feel like wanna sleep anymore but tired.

i wonder if i could just skip from all of learning stuff for a while.. i cannot even process any information correctly.. deng, wat happen to me (maybe aging problem , though still young. ngheh)

but, do u think is it really necessary to tell all of u that i mtired?? i guess that's how it makes me stronger..

gosh, thinking bout tomorow's schedule has already makes me feel uncomfortable.. dun noe how to face it..

put some belief and streght might help i guess. sleep time T T nite~


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