Sunday, October 10, 2010


u noe wat, i m very special..i m invisible, wherever i go, nobody would see me, even my rumate, even my classmatess.... i m so invisible...

nobody can see me... wherever i was, i would be safe.. no wonder there's no guy flirting at me when i walk on the street even in all alone... i m super invisible~

dun worry, nobody would see me, notice me or recognise me... is that a gift actually??????

being a complete invisible girl, hardly being noticed or seeing... sometimes it hurts, what hurts more when u see me as if u didnt see...

but this is weird, the power absolutely vanished once i am being surrounded by people who love me, my families and my siblings..... i hardly do anything i like though i want but to my surprise, i feel better being visible..

visible or not, nobody care... if i die, it s normal if nobody ever attend my funeral except my families... i hate to say this, but i think i m very invisible, in front of my s0-called friends.


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