Monday, October 3, 2011

the craziness in spring

my seniors told me that spring is the most beautiful season ever in new zealand. well, i do find some flowers blooming, but the weather is totally uncontrollable..

it has been raining for three days and I think I like rain :) the weather is crazy, sometimes it becomes very cold, and suddenly the sun shines... but I think I still like it. Looking through the window and see such differences ever happen..

What Allah did is totally amazing, I mean no one can ever afford to create such weather like that. well, u may predict, but U definitely cant change it. That is absolutely Allah's will.

The non-believers are really weird. They believe in possession, but agree nothing about they themselves being possessed by The Almighty. Even the rain is there, the sun shine, the blooming flowers and the night...

Thanks Allah, for making me realize of such beautiful creation of Yours. I love U Allah <3

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