Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Keep Calm and Make Profit

Dear Amy, keep calm... keep it easy. Hold on, dont rush. I know you are hungry, but if you are rushing, you might not be able to prepare the meal. So, follow the steps. Make sure you do as written in the recipe book. Remember, everything has the order.

Okay, it is not about food, or hunger. It is about the passion. How far you want something. And when you are more passionate to do it, you will become less patient, trust me. I have experienced it thousands of time. So, before imagining the outcomes, slowly rewind back your mind and think what will you do first, second, third and so on to achieve the outcome. I believe, I should start with a study or understanding the background first, then find the options, choose one (which is the toughest). and then reorder, organise and start whatever you want to do.

Good luck guys! Remember me saying

Keep Calm and Make Profit!


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