Thursday, August 21, 2014

retrieve your memory

I have currently recovered my lost data in my external hard disk. Yeay! Ok, alhamdulillah is the correct word. At first, I thought I have lost everything that I have collected in the past few years of my life especially the pictures. It happened after my external has been infected by the virus which made all files in the drive hidden. It never come across my mind until yesterday that I google how to unhide the files. It is so simple that I am able to do it in seconds. 

So, If your files gone hidden after virus attack, try this method:

1. insert the thumbdrive into empty usb slot and take note the drive letter. For example "F".
2. Press Windows + R  and type "cmd". Then click "OK"
3. Insert the following command

attrib -s -h -r f:/*.* /s /d

4. Press ENTER and wait for a while so that the file execute
5. Browse your thumbdrive and your files are all visible!

It is simple and easy, isnt it.

So, now is the time for me to enjoy all the memories that I have saved in the disk. Everything especially the pictures. Only God knows how many beautiful memories ever happen in my life. As I keep browsing I found my pictures with my family before I was boarding my first flight ever to Auckland, New Zealand. I hate to say that I am so dark at that time! It was more than three years ago. Time really flies fast as I now no longer a single lady but a housewife and a mother and I miss that moment so much. Hope you all live well my fellow brothers and sisters and of my dearly parents too!! I LOVE U.


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