Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Who do you love the most?

Who do you love the most? In my head, I was thinking of people around me, my son, my husband, my mother, my father, my husband's parents and my siblings?? Of all the people, my heart tells me that I love my son the most. Yes, every mother loves her children. And so do I. I cant help it. It just happen. I just feel this when I become a mother, starting from the moment I know he exists in my womb. It is so natural, not a force at all. And the love grows stronger as the time passes and as I witness him grows wiser and bigger. Now that I know how a mother felt, I must say that my mother would have the same feelings towards me but obviously, I love my son more. Yet, it wont stop me from loving her and appreciate her because I always want my son to do the same to me. People, you would not know how much your mother loves you, you just can feel it. You will know it someday when you yourself become a parent. Till that, dont stop appreciating them.

Dear mother, it is only now that I know and understand.

Will always love you.


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