Saturday, March 4, 2017

Time Flies

Tonight,as I lying my bed beside my two sons, I scroll down the pictures in my phone. There are a few pictures of my sons, Anas and Imran. They are adorable, cute and innocent. It was taken last year, which remind me of how plenty of time I have spent with them as compared to this year. I miss the moment so much. It seems like I have grown older day by day and I am getting busy with work and work all the time. I should not have missed any precious moment ahead. They are growing up super fast. They are the one that I have always dreamed to have in my life and here they are making my life. I should have stopped being too busy and focus on them.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Allah knows

Allah knows, I am not good in making friends, so He gives me less friends. Along the journey of my life,  I never have somebody that too attached with me, except a few. Very few....

But, Allah knows dat I am good with kids and family. So He gives me a husband a nd a son. Who love me so much and so attached to me that I cant live without them. I know, I sound like bragging but the truth is I want to soothe my heart which is terribly envying everyone around me.

My advice of the day.. You think you are not getting enough. You are wrong.  It is enough as long as you appreciate everything you have...

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Who do you love the most?

Who do you love the most? In my head, I was thinking of people around me, my son, my husband, my mother, my father, my husband's parents and my siblings?? Of all the people, my heart tells me that I love my son the most. Yes, every mother loves her children. And so do I. I cant help it. It just happen. I just feel this when I become a mother, starting from the moment I know he exists in my womb. It is so natural, not a force at all. And the love grows stronger as the time passes and as I witness him grows wiser and bigger. Now that I know how a mother felt, I must say that my mother would have the same feelings towards me but obviously, I love my son more. Yet, it wont stop me from loving her and appreciate her because I always want my son to do the same to me. People, you would not know how much your mother loves you, you just can feel it. You will know it someday when you yourself become a parent. Till that, dont stop appreciating them.

Dear mother, it is only now that I know and understand.

Will always love you.

Keep Calm and Make Profit

Dear Amy, keep calm... keep it easy. Hold on, dont rush. I know you are hungry, but if you are rushing, you might not be able to prepare the meal. So, follow the steps. Make sure you do as written in the recipe book. Remember, everything has the order.

Okay, it is not about food, or hunger. It is about the passion. How far you want something. And when you are more passionate to do it, you will become less patient, trust me. I have experienced it thousands of time. So, before imagining the outcomes, slowly rewind back your mind and think what will you do first, second, third and so on to achieve the outcome. I believe, I should start with a study or understanding the background first, then find the options, choose one (which is the toughest). and then reorder, organise and start whatever you want to do.

Good luck guys! Remember me saying

Keep Calm and Make Profit!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Rasa hidup x berguna

Bila ada segulung ijazah dalam tangan, selepas bertahun2 belajar di merata2 tempat pelusuk dunia tapi akhirnya pulang ke rumah dan tak buat ape-apa, itulah saat merasa diri ini sangat loser. Bukan ape, rasa macam pengalaman belajar yang lame tu sia2 je. Barulah faham macam mana perasaan penganggur2 di luar sana.

Nasib baik ada anak penyejuk mata, yang menjadi penenang di kala jiwa meronta2 kebosanan (ayat bunga abis). Dialah Anas Malik, yang membuat aku menjadi lebih positif dan memberi motivasi diri.

Ya, aku belajar jauh, sampai ke selatan dunia,
Ya, aku ada ijazah,
Ya, aku habiskan masa separuh hidup aku untuk belajar,
Tapi, dengan kelahiran Anas Malik, dia mengingatkan aku, bahawa hidup ni bukan nya semata2 untuk mencari kerja, atau belajar, atau berkahwin,

Hidup ini adalah persinggahan,
Macamana seseorang memenuhi waktu di kala dia singgah di dunia ini yang akan menjadi bekalan untuk perjalanan seterusnya di alam lain

Pengajarannya, apa sahaja yang berlaku pada hidup seseorang tidak patut dipersoal, malah ambillah peluang itu sebaiknya. Aku tak kerja, aku boleh jadi suri rumah yang berjaya, menjadikan suamiku orang paling bahagia di dunia, meluangkan masa sepenuhnya dengan Anas Malik penyejuk mata ku. Kau kerja, kau buatlah kerja dengan penuh fokus, dan berbaktilah kepada orang yang berkaitan. Semudah itu...

Anas Malik, jadilah seperti Anas Bin Malik, sahabat Rasulullah, taat pada perintah Allah, tajam akal fikiran, kuat hafazan, taat perintah Rasul, rajin, berbakti pada ibu bapa, menunaikan solat, dan berani melwan musuh Allah. Ketahuilah anakku, namamu sempena sahabat Baginda SAW, jadilah sepertinya, milikilah akhlaknya. (Tolong aminkan doa ini ya kawan2). Amiin..

Thursday, August 21, 2014

retrieve your memory

I have currently recovered my lost data in my external hard disk. Yeay! Ok, alhamdulillah is the correct word. At first, I thought I have lost everything that I have collected in the past few years of my life especially the pictures. It happened after my external has been infected by the virus which made all files in the drive hidden. It never come across my mind until yesterday that I google how to unhide the files. It is so simple that I am able to do it in seconds. 

So, If your files gone hidden after virus attack, try this method:

1. insert the thumbdrive into empty usb slot and take note the drive letter. For example "F".
2. Press Windows + R  and type "cmd". Then click "OK"
3. Insert the following command

attrib -s -h -r f:/*.* /s /d

4. Press ENTER and wait for a while so that the file execute
5. Browse your thumbdrive and your files are all visible!

It is simple and easy, isnt it.

So, now is the time for me to enjoy all the memories that I have saved in the disk. Everything especially the pictures. Only God knows how many beautiful memories ever happen in my life. As I keep browsing I found my pictures with my family before I was boarding my first flight ever to Auckland, New Zealand. I hate to say that I am so dark at that time! It was more than three years ago. Time really flies fast as I now no longer a single lady but a housewife and a mother and I miss that moment so much. Hope you all live well my fellow brothers and sisters and of my dearly parents too!! I LOVE U.

"google yourself"

Log in to FB, and I saw people posting result about their self googling. Ok, dats very interesting. So, I try it out myself. Yes, it is indeed interesting! I found my blog! Which has been abandoned for years! Now, I m gonna start blogging again. I hope so! Haha


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